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— Bodybuilder —
Personal info
Born: December 11, 1968
Home Town: Kingston, Ontario
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.55 m)
Professional career:
Canada Nationals, 1995
Best win:
Canada Nationals Champion
Lightweight, 1995
1989 - 2003
Return Active: 2012-present

I am an athlete and my specialty is Bodybuilding. I have achieved the highest accolade in my chosen sport in Canada by winning the title of Miss Canada. This earned me the title of IFBB Professional Bodybuilder (which applies on an International level) and gave me the ability to compete with fellow professionals throughout the world! After taking some time away form the stage, yet continuing to evolve my physique, as well as teaching others along the way, I can safely say I have gained priceless expertise when it comes to the development of the human body.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015
I know how to turn it into a superbly efficient machine….and I can teach it all to you!

Working out and the bodybuilding lifestyle are my passion! I have been training for 20 years and it has helped me in many ways. It is an amazing feeling to transform your physique by hard work and mental willpower. It has also transformed other areas of my life.

It is true that I may have had to make sacrifices in some areas of my life in order to continue this path and, although that may sound drastic, you have to do what you believe in and be yourself. I believe I made the correct choice…for my life.

Consistency and determination have been the keys to my success. I don’t train heavy anymore- although I did for years. Instead I focus on quality and esthetics… but with the same intensity level! I still live and love my bodybuilding/health/fitness lifestyle and will as long as I am able to live and function as a human being!
I think my competitive career is complete, but I will always train so long as I am able to, and I will always be involved in the fitness industry in some way. Throughout my training career I have done many things successfully but did not commit to any one area on a full time basis. However, at this precise this moment in time I KNOW my decision to share my experiences through teaching on a full time basis is so right and so exciting for me!

Consistency and determination have been the keys to my success. I always say… don’t give up! Sometimes you get stuck or life just gets in the way and instead of being discouraged, take care of what needs to be done and when you are able to, pick-up where you left off by setting a new goal! I say I’ve started over a million times but I’ve also never stopped.. which brings us to now!


Think of this as an accumulation of my experience, knowledge, successes and accomplishments in Health and Physical Fitness, which has created lets say, an aura of additional Energy!  That aura of energy has given me the passion and drive to share my gift with you, my way!

WHY and HOW RLQ Began!

My bodybuilding discovery and eventually life passion began at the tender young age of 19! At this time I had been attending a gym regularly in my hometown of kingston, On Canada! My dad supported me to my first gym membership at the age of 16 in the best local gym in town owned by still friend and mentor Dave Willard! for three years I was what i call myself as an aerobics bunny…nonstop till i had shin splints and then i’d have to take time off to heal….a never ending cycle of going too intense then breaking to heal.

I would burn calories let’s say but never really tones and at age 15, puberty in its completed state decided to help me gain unwanted weight in my butt and bust line. I had stopped growing vertically and horizontally i could see me losing control! I wanted so badly to go into the weight room but like almost everybody the first time, I was completely intimidated! Plus I was painfully shy my entire life! Ask anybody who grew up with me!

Then at 18, I befriended a guy at the gym who took me under his wing, Mike Eddy, and taught me the basics of weight lifting and in the gym weight room with the boys I became comfortable! Shortly after that at 19, I met the man that eventually became my husband of a decade! He took me to the next level! Having recently competed successfully himself, he said I had the genetics to give the competitive stage a shot myself! I credit his teachings of invaluable basics that led me to be a successful bodybuilder! He himself was an excellent bodybuilder! He coached me most especially thru my first contest! This was at age 20! And little did i know I had this willpower of steel, plus i wanted to make my husband proud, so i dieted and trained beyond the limit as that’s how it MUST be done to train for a bodybuilding contest!

Preparing for months and Stepping on that bodybuilding stage changed my life….for the better! And the rest is history as they say!