Champion Zone

— Bodybuilder —
Competition Stats:
PRO PTA Certified Private Trainer&Nutrition Tech; IFBB Pro Body Builder, Model & Entertainer
Competitive Stats:
Height: 5’1”
Off season Weight: 135 lbs. highest 150 lb..
Contest Weight: 122 lb. highest 128 lb.
Best Lifts:
Squats 315 lb. Bench 225 lb. Shoulder press 135 lb. Leg Press 900 lb. Bicep Curls 115 lb. Close Grip 205 lb.


RLQ‘s success as a competitive bodybuilder was a perfect first place finishing record throughout her entire amateur career, with the best placing of all winning her weight class and the overall crown of female bodybuilding at the Canadian Nationals.

A surprise for it was her very first attempt at this National level/pro qualifying event, as well as THE main event for achieving pro status. She did one pro bodybuilding show taking her physique to new and higher levels and competing with the best in the world! Although not a first placing at this event, a 13th place for a first time unknown was an excellent rank! Then life threw RhondaLee a curve ball and for her own reasons she stepped back from the bodybuilding stage. Later a new type of competition peaked her interest drew her back into the limelight…Figure Competitions!

Her excitement was created by the hope that the show would be like a beauty contest but you could have muscle! Plus it was less stressful without any routines to remember and present! The combination of muscle and a glamorous look could be the key.

Because this was the first figure show ever in the pro division, nobody Really knew what exactly to expect! RLQ still carried more muscle than perceived, or more probably a clear muscle maturity under the bright lights! And at best tone was the extreme look for the top placings in this show! A number of the photographers and media said she could have competed as a light weight bodybuilder That day! Although the outcome wasn’t for a bodybuilding beauty queen, RLQ was happy…her years of training showed off quality muscle proving her forever a REAL bodybuilder, and one with REAL femininity, making her brand and trademark of representing this combination known all over the world!


Champion Zone

  • Miss Kingston Lightweight 1st place
  • Miss Ottawa Lightweight 1st place
  • Miss Ottawa Lightweight 1st place
  • Miss Ontario Lightweight 1st place
  • Miss Canada Middleweight 1st place and overall
  • Miss Canada ’95
    Winning This National title got Rhondalee Professional international status as a bodybuilder ; International Federation Bodybuilder Professional (IFBB Pro)
  • Jan Tana 1998 Pro debut-13th place
  • Night of Champions- New York 2003 IFBB Pro figure-17th place
  • IFBB Toronto, Ont, June, 2012 Canada Pro Supershow Women's Physique category 13th place
  • Titan's Grand Prix Oct 2013 Culver City, California, USA-16th place