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Happiest of Holidays All the Best Wishes in 2015 for everyone

In Loving Memory
In Loving Memory

Around the holidays, I tend to think about things a little deeper as I’m sure

most of us do! In doing so this year, I’ve had an overhelming influx of sentiments, questions, and puzzling wonderments racing thru my head, regarding my life, my experiences, curiosities, so on and so on. Perhaps its my age. Im at the average half way mark of a life span, give or take a few years for women at least! Perhaps because I just had to accept parting with the love of my life, Mace My Cat! Whatever it is, my roots and My Beloved Parents are my strongest thoughts presently. So, I thought, I would love to share with you! I have attached their photo. They have passed some time ago, but they remain strong in my heart and mind! And its clear they wanted and did only the best for me! I’m very proud to have been their daughter! They were good people! Im Sure they are In the heaven or the best place good hearts go! Love you Mom and Dad!