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I did it! Ferrigno Legacy Nov 20, 2015 IFBB Pro Women’s Physique!

Ferrigno legacy contest
2015 Competition By Lou Ferrigno!
MY Motivation creation!




 I participated in Lou Ferrigno’s Show,, Nov 20, 2015 in Palm Desert, California, USA!  He was my generations favorite muscle monster, and a legendary bodybuilder as most know.  

Heading to Palm desert
On the road

I did IFBB Pro Women’s Physique in a lineup of 21 women and all good caliber athletes! I did not get in the top placings, but I displayed an improved physique and presentation from the two previous shows! I’m very happy with this experience! I was the most comfortable on the stage I’ve been in a very long time! Believe it or not, I battle with stage fright! Go figure!!  It was amazing and I always learn something new!  There were a couple things I could rant about, but I’ll choose to highlight the positive aspects of this event!Comparisons

The other competitors were amazing. No ‘cattiness’  among us gals, and guys and girls, everyone got along and was helpful to each other!  Included in this is the angel project put on by fellow physique competitor Tycie Coppett all in the spirit of good will among st us girls. So she chooses a ‘sister’ to exchange a gift with. The result is a positive connection with a fellow competitor! How awesome! This sport needs this type of positive humane energy! And then speaking of positive,  I received great feedback and advice from some of the best in the sport! ie. Michelle Brent, Lenda Murray, Cathy lefrancious, etc.  On top of this, an amazing support system! What a difference that makes! Michelle Brent, IFBB Pro for many years, was my guide, mentor & friend thru out this show! Unbelievable woman!  Then my friends, (Michelle, Bill, Blondie, etc. helped me prep and have the best post celebration), Sponsors and Fans! NEXT BLOG WILL BE ALL ABOUT THIS!FullSizeRenderIMG_20151120_104959708_HDR

But WOW! Im very blessed.  I always say its the process I love so much about training for a show!  The faith people put in me helps drive me, and me doing what it takes to change my body and prepare for stage, forces me to take care of myself and to make as perfect as i can my being from inside out and from the tip of the ends of my hair strands to the tips of my toes! Needless to say, I trained My Ass off! Rain or shine, snow or sleet, day or night,  having to skip out on the parties and the poutine! 😉  Time management becomes essential. I had to get it done! I did my best, and I’m determined to do better yet! All For the Love of The Sport!

So here’s some piks of highlights from the show! AND many more stage ones coming soon!

Thanks and Get In The Zone! The RLQZone!

RhondaLee Quaresma (RLQ) XO