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Thanks Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym!


In this famous and respectable gym, because of its owner Dave Fisher and exclusive type members and visitors, you can find my photo on the wall!  I was so blessed to have a poster honored amongst the wall of other IFBB pros and athletes from around the world and over time!   Ive included  some photos to share this day. 

Thank you Dave for always acknowledging me as an accomplished IFBB pro bodybuilder and past competitor!  Dave, in addition to running his gym,  is legend in the bodybuilding world for his wins and stature as a professional bodybuilder. He, like myself comes from Canada. So we have a natural comrade. He has graced many magazine covers, layouts and articles. In the photos below I was with my great  friend Tammy! Aside from being great, 😉 , she also has a spray tan business and sprays many of the bodybuilders for competitions! And I, as able,  do personal 1 on 1 and online training,  and try to pass along relevant information for your training success.

Thanks Tammy for the support!  And Dave, it is an honour to be on your wall of fame at Dave Fisher’s Powerhouse Gym in Redondo Beach, California USA! xo