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Training Rates

RLQZone Rates

Session starting as little as 150.00

If you don’t find a plan that works, just drop me a note and we will see if we can make one work for you.

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Program Pricing Plans


12 week program of 12 sessions total is $1850.00 taxes not included.

It’s basically $150 a session excluding the first session which is $200 because of the time it takes to design program, etc.  A training session varies time-wise so I do not charge hourly but by the session… It may take hours or minutes,  depending upon your needs and whatever it takes to get done is provided for you in that session.

I sell my services in a package for this reason…  You get ALL the information you need and I am with you throughout the process. If you only do one session you can’t possibly know how to move onto the next step, and by doing it this way you will progress every week! And my rate includes EVERYTHING! Usually trainers train you and no diet or other advice is provided. I cover all angles and the program is designed exclusively for YOU!

I provide you with a training program, diet, supplementation and cardio advice for everyday of the week…  You won’t have to think. All will be outlined in detail and if you do as recommended, you will get the results you are looking for. Once per week we do a one on one training session, and yes, wherever you would like to do it. An assessment of your progress is also done so I may know how to proceed with you to the next week. And your program is made for you in a detailed outline for the entire week! If you want more one on one training sessions in the week, it is extra.
Hope I have answered your questions!

Let me know if you would like to proceed and Thank-You for your interest!

Included In ALL PROGRAM Packages or Single Sessions: (And Always customized to YOU!  Feel free to ask questions if needed!)

  1. Consultation (I will listen to what you are looking for re your body and you will answer some questions which will lead to a proper)
  2. Assessment (I will look at your physique, weigh you in, and based upon your feedback and present physique, can then give you your)
  3. Program Plan (advice regarding how you should proceed with your training!

Online Training – $75 per session

Train online.. from the comfort of home!

Most of us lead very busy lives where it is not always easy to keep regular gym appointments. I understand and appreciate this and that is why I offer ONLINE TRAINING! All you need is a web cam and Internet connection. I have done this form of coaching many times and with great success. Even those at the highest level of competitive bodybuilding have achieved outstanding results.

It is true that the internet can be a distraction at times but with online training at least you can make it a POSITIVE and LIFE CHANGING one!

Be a part of my fitness zone!