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When training, you must also stay focus with technique. It is important to do you last rep just like you did the first rep.

Remember the body is symmetrical, so you must work the left side just like you do the right side.

Keep good records of your progress each step of the way.


LEGS: Squats
HAMS: Stiff legged Deadlifts
BUTTOCKS: Raised lunges
CALVES: standing
BACK: Bent over rows
LOWER BACK: Deadlifts
CHEST: Bench press
BICEPS: standing barbell curls
FOREARMS: reverse barbell curls
TRICEPS: close grip presses
SHOULDERS: Standing barbell presses
TRAPS: Barbell shrugs
ABS: crunches

These exercises are what I refer to as your ‘foundation’ or ‘base’ exercises. You need these as a beginner to make your foundation to grow upon. It provides a solid base to build a stronger and better physique and for a better understanding later of other exercises added to your training program.

As an advanced athlete, this foundation provides a stronger more complete and mature physique. You will then be ready to shape your physique from the solid base you built. That’s when other exercises and training techniques become very useful. There are other foundation exercises to compliment these which I will cover at a later time.

In both cases, this foundation will give you full, stronger, more detailed and pleasing to look at muscle bellies for male or female.


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