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Weight Training & Skin Tightening

Another question I get asked goes along the lines of this….

Does Muscle training/building help prevent loose skin during weight loss?

In my personal experience, I believe weight training does help some, but not completely. Weight training does tighten up the physique, but the skin is different than the muscles. For example, remember the old saying, ‘we must, we must, we must increase our bust!?’ (Judy Blume) Tee hee. I remember flocks of women squeezing and lifting weights to get perky breasts because of the misconception this would happen. Breasts are fat, glandular tissue and skin. Weight lifting is responded to by muscles. So sorry, but only the pectoral muscle surrounding the breasts will get firmer, not the actual breasts. The less body fat a woman has the more chance of smaller breasts. That why women bodybuilders don’t have much breast size.  So sometimes weight loss can cause loose sagging skin here.  And it kinda works like this for the rest of the body too.

Here are some tips from my experience that may help:It is important to be well hydrated as dehydration seems to contribute to that loose skin look if you have it. This really does play a part so be sure you are drinking enough water. On the other hand if you drink a lot of water like me, and get some subcutaneous fluid, a quick trip to the sauna or steam room can get help, but keep your fluids up, do not stop drinking in an effort to tighten up! The younger you are the better too. Older skin doesn’t seem to bounce back as well.

When you are consistent with diet and weight control, the skin doesn’t stretch back and forth from up and down body weights, keeping it taut.  So if you have been dieting and lost a lot of weight, it helps to keep excess weight off. After a consistent time period with weight control, the skin does eventually adhere to muscles if there isn’t too much loose skin. For example bodybuilders can get heavier than they are used to in the off season. So the earlier the diet game is on, it allows time for the skin to adjust to the body. If diet is too quick meaning too short a time doing it, and the person looses a lot of weight fast, the body doesn’t seem to like that and the skin doesn’t adjust.

If you have lost lots of weight or just have a lot off loose skin, then fixing loose skin must be done with surgery. There are many more options to help with this these days.

So therefore, if you do not have weight issues now, it is important to maintain a healthy diet if you want to avoid loose skin. And it makes show training more successful by show day.

Hope this helps!