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Your a beginner


Your a beginner….how to know if it’s too much weight!

     First off you should start with the lowest weight possible and make sure you get through 1 set. A rule I go by and that worked to build true strength is this. If you cannot do 10 perfect form reps in a set, then its time to lower the weight! Example: Bicep barbell curls. Perfect form means working with a proper technique. No using other body parts or momentum to lift the weights up except your biceps. And full range of motion. Learn proper form before doing any exercises or you risk injury. Then if you can complete 10 reps in this strict correct fashion, you can move up in weight. If you fail or loose form before 10 reps, lower the weight. Then keep doing this on your bicep workout days until you eventually get to do a particular weight doing 10 perfect form reps. Hope this helps. 😉