In Loving Memory  1968-2021

Was early September 2021(phone message), "Hey", almost midnight and one really didn't know when we would hear from Rhonda. She had been living with stage IV cancer for sometime and didn't really want people to know she was still in California if you visit the site here. She had made plans to return to Canada earlier in the  year, but like many things, the COVID Pandemic made things tough.

"I am back in Canada"
"I just got here 4 days ago"
"So i see pallitive(her typo we all do it) care inthe morning"
"Just setting team up now"

She messaged like many times, busy and determined and focus on what every she had planned for the day. Old school and very conscious of every minute of her day plans. However, what text messages didn't do was interpret how she really was feeling due to the cancer taking it toll. This though was heart felt when on the phone, her weak voice sometimes the lack of concentration due to the meds and fatigue.

We had talked about her site and plans for her other projects and site with her Art and how, for now, she wanted it separate. Not really knowing that the cancer was getting the best of her, we message and talked on the phone all year. Showing her some other projects we were working and trying to cheer her up as the one project was based on fitness character and the love she had for dolls. The last message...

Nov 24 2021


Had just sent her a picture of concept design of one of the characters. We talked on the phone days before, continued to reminder her of some important things. Our last phone conversation, we knew she didn't sound well, we didn't know then she only had so little time left.

We found out like many, that Rhonda passed away on Thanksgiving week. It was always tough when we would not hear from her, know that one day she would be gone. Her love of her fans, art and wanting to tell her story, she would make it sound like she be around a long time and battle cancer like she trained and battle the bodybuilding world for the Title of Champion once more.

So for Rhondalee Quaresma's fans and at her request, she wanted to have her site go on for at least a year. Money was tight for everyone during this pandemic, but we told her not to worry. We got your back. We, like her, thought she had more time and just need some more rest. Like anyone, she had some complaints about moving back to Canada, but we will not talk about that here. The site will go on for now and will showcase the "Legendary" Rhondalee Quaresma. And her wish to have the old site stuff still online(any items for sell will be turned off on the old sections). Rhonda like to provide the personal touch by sending out signed Photos and Posters. Although she did not get around to creating digital version of her Sparkle Art, she was able to produce and sell some of her pieces. She was always picky on what photos were on display in both the site and social media. Much like any Model, things were never perfect. We and like all her FANs did not care if they were not picture perfect, she always look fantastic.

Rhonda is and will always be a delight, a joy, a sweetheart and most of all a CHAMPION.


-To my dear friend, we love and will miss you.

"My International Federation of Bodybuilding (IFBB) debut was the 1998 Jan Tana Classic, placing 13th out of 28 women, making the comparison rounds with the event’s winner. I last competed in 2016 IFBB Pro Ferrigno Legacy in the Women's Physique category."
Rhondalee Quaresma

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Personal Trainer

  • Success for healthy life style in the gym
  • Competition Prep Diet and Workout Plans
  • Instructor: Virtual Training(social distancing)

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IFBB Professional Female Bodybuilder

Physique Competitor; Canadian Bodybuilding Champ 1995; 30 years Bodybuilding and working in the Health and Fitness industry; PROPTA Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition tech; Model and Entertainer, emerging artist, spiritual Junkie!

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